On this site you will find all kinds of information about Iranaon/Meranao. You can read about our interests, our towns, family and genealogy. You can read about our place’s royalty, history and culture, if you have any comments to this page please feel free to visit our guestbook or e-mail us. We are open for all kinds of response -- positive and negative. If there's something you miss, tell us about that too.

Ontay – is the childhood name of the website author, short of Mamaontay, mispronounced and corrupt form of MAMARONTAY the Mranao term for SLASHER, his parents named him Mamaontay, ancestor in Watu and the name of the famous lawyer of Marantao, Atty Mamao.

Marogong – is the ancient name of Unayan Pangampong, one of the 4 four based lake emirates sultanates of Ranao. Pat a Phangampong ko Ranao. It is believed that all Maranao/Iranun are connected in Marogong which is Unayan in the present where the Sharif's first landed .

Marogong municipality is named by optimistic and dedicated leader Sultan Abdulmadid P. Maruhom, to let Marogong exist and not to forget by the next generation. Marogong is the home town of the author, he is the grandson of Sultan Abdulmadid first sultan of Marogong and late Panondiongan sa Binidayan graduated mayor of Marogong, Tubaran and Binidayan. 




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